What is the Cydia?

Cydia is a third party application for your’s any iDevices such as iPhones, iPads, iPod touches and Apple TVs. After jailbreaking your iDevices, you can download free Cydia. It brings tons of new features, which are not available in official App store. Even if, Apple store has given you many features, those can’t customize through iDevices. You can’t add themes to your iDevices. If you really want to customize those applications, want to add themes, you must have Cydia app. So Cydia is the real answer. Cause, Cydia gives you alternative apps package instead Apple store apps for your iDevices via Cydia sources.

Why can’t customize App store’s apps?. It has a reason. The Apple has protected their system root. Third parties can’t enter to it. If we have any idea to customize it, first of all, we must enter the system root. After doing many more experimental, one of the team discover the solution for it. We call it the jailbreak. Jailbreak can break the Apple iDevice’s system root. That’s why we promote “without jailbreak, there is no Cydia”. If you really want to download Cydia, you must be the jailbreak the iDevice’s system root. Then, Cydia comes automatically for your iDevices.

Now you will think that what for we want to download Cydia. Not only, one or two reasons, there are many more benefits you can get from Cydia.

You can customize your iDevices themes and look than ever.

It allows you to change the background color as your choice.

Cydia helps you to download files directly to your iDevices.

If you want to modify the basic interface of iOS, it also can be done.

You can pass Apple’s ring tone’s editor to create ring tones as your own.

SMS features of this application, gives you many newer options such as Signature, Passcode lock, Quick Compose, Quick reply for default boring and limited SMS application available in the iPhone.

Cydia helps you to start your iDevices just the sound of own voice. It calls Siri.

You can get paid application as free.

Besides above benefits, you can get lots of benefits via Cydia. Actually, there are many more features available in Cydia sources. We call it Cydia applications, Cydia tweaks, Cydia apps. Those can categorize free apps, premium apps and full apps. All of these Cydia applications give via Cydia sources. There are many more Cydia sources as well as Cydia apps. The author of Cydia Jay Freeman (saurik) already has given Cydia for your’s all iDevices now.