How to update iOS

Do you want to update your’s iDevice’s iOS? It is possible to do within few steps. There are two ways. One is it can update via iTunes. Other is you can update iDevices iOS without getting help with iTunes. Anyway, we provide you both ways. Then you can choose which way is easy, best and reliable for you. However, we recommend using iOS updated with iTunes.

The latest iOS of iDevces is iOS 6. Now you can jailbreak iOS 6 as well. evasi0n tool has been released to jailberak any iDevice running iOS 6 and above iOS version. for more details click here. So you can update supported iDevice’s up to iOS 6. Supported iDevices means it is available to update only compatible devices. iOS 6 compatible devices are iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, , iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPod touch 4. Other iDevces which are not included iOS 6 compatible list, you can update up to iOS 5.1.1.

Even if you are able to update your iDevice’s iOS, want to check every single features support for the device. For an example, Siri feature is not supported for iPhone 3GS. Some Cydia apps are also not compatible for higher iOS. One of your favoured Cydia app of Six Icon Dock is not compatible with iOS 5.1.1. So before update your’s iOS version, make sure your favoured apps compatible or not with it. Click here to check compatible Cydia apps for iOS 5.1.1.

Below has the both ways step guides, How to update iOS .

01. Run iTunes latest version.

If you are using iTunes less than 10.7, please update it. To do it go as below path.

Help — > Check for Updates.

How to update iOS 01

02. Get back up your iDevice.

You can get the backup of your iDevice with iCloud. It is available 5 GB-free space. You have to buy more space in iCloud. Other wise you can save your backup with your computer.

* Connect your iDevice with your Computer

* Run iTunes.

* Disable iCloud on your iDevice.

Go to Settings– >iCloud — >Storage & Backup– > turn off iCloud backup switch.

* Right mouse button click on the device name in iTunes. Then choose “Back up”.

* You can choose “Back up to iCloud” or “Back up to this computer”.

How to update iOS 02

03. Update iDevice’s iOS

In this step you can choose one method to update iOS from two methods, which I said earlier.

Method 01

Update iOS wirelessly. (without iTunes)

Go to Settings — > General — > Software Update.

Then follow instructions to update iOS.

Method 02

* Plug your iDevice to the PC with USB cable. Then iTunes will open automatically. If it is not, run iTunes.

* Find and click on your iDevice, from the list,which you can see the left side of theiTunes.

* Then you can see the message under version category  “Check for Update” click on it.

How to update iOS 03

* If you’re able to update iOS version, there will be a message as “Download and Update” or “Download”. Select any button to go to head.

04. Wait until download the iOS. It will be reboot automatically, after successfully finished the updated.

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