InsanelyiPh0ne Repo

  InsanelyiPh0ne Repo is only for iPhone device. This repo allows you to get lots of cydia apps such as AppSync for all iOS versions, AnyRing, Auto Silent and many more features.   There is another repo is the little bit same to this repo by the name. It is an Insanelyi repo. Even if the repo names are the little bit same, both repos are support to different iDevices. Now you know that the InsanelyiPh0ne repo is support only for iPhone device. However, Insanelyi repo supports Read more [...]

SiNfuL Repo

  This Repo is very popular for all full apps. You can find and get tons of apps and mod apps via this Repo. iFile, BiteSMS, MyWi and many more full apps can be gotten via this Repo. Don’t get to miss understanding, only all full apps can be downloaded via this Repo.  As you know, iFile app can be downloaded via BigBoss repo. However, if you want to get full app of  iFile, you want to go to this repo. Here are some screen shots to identify the different of both of iFile app Read more [...]

ModMyi Repo

  ModMyi Repo also can get automatically as a default repo with Cydia. You don’t want to download and install to get features from Cydia. Many more themes, wall papers, many apps, most popular games and all types of apps can be downloaded via this.   Within few seconds, you can find and get massive features to your iDevices from this unavailable in official Apple stores. This Repo is one of the best Cydia Repos. As I think, without ModMyi, no iphone.  Repo url   Here is the Read more [...]

BigBoss Repo

  When you install Cydia, automatically, you can get BigBoss Repo for your iDevices. This is a one of the default repo with Cydia. You can get lots of features such as themes, wall papers and many greater apps. Most of those things can be downloaded just for free via this repo. Actually, this is the one of the largest and very popular repositories ever.   Most of lots of things can be found via this, including Games, themes, ringtones, wall papers, sounds and more. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- iPhone, Read more [...]

Cydia Repos

What are the Cydia Repos? Cydia Repos is same to Cydia Repositories and Cydia Sources. This tweak offers lots of great features for your’s any iDevices such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod and iPod Touch. Cydia repos are absolutely very valuable. It offers lots of websites to get, lots of great and very valuable tweaks such as themes, ring tones, wallpapers, screenloack and many more to your iDevices, unavailable in official Apple Store. Actually, you can access and get hundreds or Read more [...]