Cydia Repos

What are the Cydia Repos?

Cydia Repos is same to Cydia Repositories and Cydia Sources. This tweak offers lots of great features for your’s any iDevices such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod and iPod Touch. Cydia repos are absolutely very valuable. It offers lots of websites to get, lots of great and very valuable tweaks such as themes, ring tones, wallpapers, screenloack and many more to your iDevices, unavailable in official Apple Store. Actually, you can access and get hundreds or even thousands of tweaks both free and paid


You can find, download and install almost, any free Cydia apps, premium Cydia apps or any cracked Cydia apps via these Cydia repos.


There are lots of Cydia repos. However, I like to introduce most very useful repos for you. To get these repos you want to download and install Cydia. Now you know, to get Cydia, you want to jailbreak your iDevices. So when ever you jailbreak or unlock your iDevices, normally you can get the standard few Cydia repos. It means when you jailbreak yours any iDevices, these repos are pre added to Cydia by default. Those are BigBoss, ModMyi, Telesphoreo Tangelo and iSpazio repos.


Here is the list of the most popular Cydia repos.


 01. BigBoss Repo (Default Repo)

When you install Cydia, automatically can get BigBoss Repo for your iDevices. This is a one of the default repo with Cydia. You can get lots of features such as themes, wall papers and many greater apps.
02. ModMyi Repo (Default Repo)
ModMyi Repo can get automatically as a default repo with Cydia. Many more themes, wall papers, many apps, most popular games and all types of apps can be downloaded via ModMyi Repo.

03. Repo666.ultrasn0w Repo (Default Repo)

This is a default repo. Now you know, if you want to add new sim to any iPhone, you must unlock your iPhone. So you can do it easily with this repo. Course this repo is very famous for unlock iPhone.


04. Telesphoro Tangelo Repo (Default Repo)

Telesphoro Tangelo Repo is a default repo. This source specially for iPhones and iPod Touches. You can get any full Cydia features from this repo just for free.


05. ZodTTD & MacCiti Repo (Default Repo)

When you unlock or jail breaks your iDevices, ZodTTD & MacCiti Repo is automatically come to your iDevices as a default repo. This repo is very popular for themes. You can be downloaded many themes, ringtones and wallpapers also from this source as your choice.

06. SINfuLRepo 

SINfuL Repo is very popular for all full apps. You can find tons of apps with mod apps via SINfuL Repo. iFile, BiteSMS, MyWi, Multifl0w and many more apps can be cracked via SINfuL Repo.
InsanelyiPh0ne Repo is only for iPhone device. This repo allows you to get lots of cydia apps such as AppSync for all iOS versions, AnyRing, Auto Silent and many more features.
This repo is very famous for game lovers. Course, this repo allows you to get emulator Games. xSellize repo gives you game ROM pack as the bunch. Very famous ROM packs are Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance and NES emulators of this repo.
This repo is specially for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G devices. Insanelyi Repo allows you to get lots of cydia features and mod applications. Important thing is these features support only for running iOS 4 and above iDevices. Even if this repo allows you to get few Cydia full apps, Insanelyi Repo is very famous for many more Retina Display ready packages.
10.  BiteYourApple Repo
11.  YourCydia Repo
12.  iSpazio Repo
13. Repo – Not in use now.
14.  iPhone Cake Repo
15.  iHacks Repo
16.  HackYouriPhone Repo
17.  P0dul0 Repo
18. Repo
19. iCauseFX Repo

20. PwnCenter Repo


21. 51iPA Repo


22. iHackstore Repo


23. TheiPhoneSpot Repo


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