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All iOS users must have the Cydia application. Cydia download process is significantly different, But this website provides easiest way to download the Cydia according to your device. Just download the demo Cydia application from following link, Then you can upgrade it to full.

We can guarantee this is the simplest way to download the Cydia. 

Cydia Download for Windows users

Cydia Download for Mac Users


Cydia Download Guides

Luca Todesco jailbreak guides – iOS 9.3 / 9.2.1 / 8.4.1 – Coming Soon

Cydia for iOS 9.2.1

Cydia for iOS 9.2

Cydia for iOS 9.1

Cydia for iOS 9.0.2

Cydia for iOS 9.0.1

Cydia for iOS 9

Cydia for iOS 8.4.1

Cydia for iOS 8.4

Cydia for iOS 8.3

Cydia for iOS 8.2

Cydia for iOS 8.1.3


Jailbreak Guides

Cydia for iOS 9 to iOS 9.0.2 Pangu 9 jailbreak

Cydia for iOS 8.1.2 to iOS 8 TaiG jailbreak / PP jailbreak / Pangu8 jailbreak

Then you can upgrade it to full Cydia using the jailbreak membership account.  iPhone / iPad and iPod Touch users cannot be the jailbreak with itself, and therefor need Windows and Mac computers to install the fully function Cydia to iOS Device.


Cydia Download compatibility Devices

All iPhone / iPad and iPod Touch Devices fully compatible to have jailbreak up to iOS 9.0.2 version.

iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S

iPad Pro

iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini with retina (iPad Mini 2), iPad Mini

iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2

iPod touch 6 and iPod Touch 5


More about Cydia?

All iPhone / iPad and iPod Touch users are fully fit to have Cydia up to iOS 9.0.2 except iOS 8.4.1 version. With Pangu9 / TaiG 2 tool and PP 2 tools support iDevice users can apply Cydia to iOS 8.4 through iOS 9.0.2 version.  1.1.26 is the latest release of the Cydia installer and Saurik introduced new features of this version.

Cydia download process is depended on iOS Device and running iOS version and if you may apply incorrect jailbreak process, Cydia will not install properly. Therefore, users can take support from below guides to complete the successful jailbreak process.




This video will show you all about the Cydia download.


Cydia Download iOS 9.2.1

Apple released iOS 9.2.1 version for regular users. All jailbreak developers busy at this time for iOS 9.2.1 Cydia download. Currently, Luca Todesco / 3K Assistant / Pangu8 / TaiG and Semi jailbreak developers finding methods. However, Luca Todesco and Pangu8 semi jb team successfully jailbroken iOS 9.2.1 version. Here is the full news about iOS 9.2.1 jailbreak attempt. Luca Todesco iOS 9.2.1 jailbreak Luca Todesco is well known Italian jailbreak tool developer. According to his official Read more [...]

Cydia Download iOS 9.3

iOS 9.3 is upcoming major version and currently it is running on beta stage. However, The Luca Todesco successfully jailbroken iOS 9.3 beta version. Luca Todesco is well known Italian jailbreak developer. After released iOS 9.3 first beta version within just a few hours he able to download Cydia for iOS 9.3 version. After jailbroken he posted the image for Twitter and posted a video to YouTube and showing Cydia latest 1.1.26 version running his iPhone 6 device. Here are the twitter image and Read more [...]

Cydia for iOS 9.1

Apple released iOS 9.1 version on October 21, 2015. Unfortunately, still any developer could not be able to find any method for iOS 9.1 version.   How to Download Cydia for iOS 9.1? Upgrade is the only option to download Cydia for iOS 9.1 version. At the moment iOS 9.2.1 is the latest and iOS 9.3 currently on beta stage. Luca Todesco (Italian jailbreak developer) already jailbroken iOS 9.2.1 and 9.3 versions. The TaiG jailbreak partner 3K Assistant team confirmed iOS 9.2 jailbreak. So if Read more [...]

iOS 9.1/ 9.2 On line jailbreak

Previously, Zerodium security team offered 1$ million for iOS 9 jailbreak. So as per Zerodium official Twitter account unknown hacking team has claimed that prize by releasing on line jailbreak tool for iOS 9.1 – 9.2b versions. What is on line jailbreak? With on line jailbreak tool, users can complete jailbreak without connect Devices to the computer. Currently, Pangu8 semi jailbreak is the most popular on line tool and using special safari hack system to download Cydia. Jailbreak.Me is Read more [...]

Cydia Tweaks for Apple Music Application

Apple did not include some valuable features to Apple Music application such as lyrics not support / landscape view / Equalizer / Mini player / customize support and many more. However, once you jailbreak your iOS Device you can add most numbers of Apple Music missing features through Cydia Download. Here are Cydia Tweaks for add Apple missing music application features.   MusicRotate Cydia tweak - Landscape mode Apple Music users now can use Music Application as a landscape Read more [...]

Luca Todesco jailbreak attempt

Luca Todesco is well known Italian jailbreak tweak developer and currently he breakthrough iOS 9.3 beta / iOS 9.2.1 beta and iOS 8.4.1 versions. So we can believe, he will release those jailbreak methods in near future for everyone. You can find luca’s all iOS breakthrough from this tutorial.   iOS 9.3 breakthrough Apple released iOS 9.3 beta 1 version January 11, 2016, and after few minutes luca jailbroken it. After jailbroken he published screenshot and demo video Cydia running on his Read more [...]

Cydia Download iOS 9.2

Apple released iOS 9.2 full version on December 8, 2015, and still any developer could not be able to jailbreak it. The Luca Todesco Italian developer confirmed iOS 9.2 is hard to jailbreak, and 3K team announced they are ready to release the new tool for iOS 9.2. So you can see all iOS 9.2 jailbreak confirmations through this article.   3K Assistant iOS 9.2 jailbreak confirmation 3K the main partner of TaiG team announced they are ready to release next jailbreak tool for iOS 9.2 version. Read more [...]

Download iOS 9.2

iOS 9.2 is latest release of the Apple and now all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users are allowed to Download it.  With this update, Apple brought new features / Device performance increase tweaks, and bug removes. If you are a really big fan of jailbreak recommended to stay away from this update.   How to Download iOS 9.2? All iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users can use two methods such as OTA – Over The Air – also known as Wireless update iTunes update   OTA update While Read more [...]

iOS 9.2 Released

Few hours ago, Apple released iOS 9.2 final version with new unique features and improvements. Now all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users are illegible to update Devices to iOS 9.2version.   Full updated feature list of iOS 9.2 Music application features improved such as making Playlist / added save songs offline / Classic music browse Top stories section for News application Sending large mail attachment Use this link to read full release note of IOS 9.2   Compatible of Read more [...]