Cydia Download [100% free to Download]

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Cydia is the most popular third party application for Apple devices.  You must download the Cydia to install themes, customization apps, System apps and more awesome apps that you can’t download from App Store.

You can download about 25,000 free applications from Cydia Store.

Cydia installation process may vary according to your iOS device model and iOS version.

As the first step, we recommend installing Cydia demonstration. Then you can upgrade it to full Cydia.
Upgrade process may vary according to your iOS version, Sometime you may want an account to the upgrade process.


Cydia Download



You can also download the Cydia from following Cydia demonstration website.

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This video will show you all about the Cydia download.




Cydia download for iPhone Air

No, more days to introduce iPhone Air for the public. It will come with more exiting features and awesome model. Apple has planned to release it with iOS 8. You are dreaming for bigger size iPhone, iPhone Air is just for you. This time Apple is going to release two sizes of iPhones. One is iPhone Air. It is 5.5 inches. Second one is iPhone 6. It is 4.7 inches. If you want to know about Cydia download for iPhone 6, here is the link for it. What are the features of iPhone Air? This model comes Read more [...]

TouchPal keyboard download for iOS 8

TouchPal is a third party keyboard. It brings awesome keyboard for the iOS 8 devices. Even if you haven’t update your iOs up to iOS 8. And also you can’t jailbreak it to download Cydia. Because of that we can introduce this keyboard as demo version. This is not a Cydia app too. But this is a third party app, which you are not available in your iDevice yet. You want to download it from the App store apps. Below has the guide to download it.   Specialty of TouchPal keyboard It is Read more [...]

Cydia download for iPhone 6

Earlier September, we will be handed over the iPhone 6 with iOS 8 firmware version by the Apple. It is sure that, it will be added newer features as well as it will be developed earlier features via this. Cydia download for iPhone 6 After release the iPhone 6 with iOS 8, we will be expect Cydia download for iPhone 6 running iOS 8. If some jailbreak tool's developer would find jailbreak tool to download Cydia for iOS 8, without any doubt we will be able to jailbreak iPhone 6 as well as iPhone Read more [...]

Cydia download for iOS 8

The Apple going to release iOS 8 for the public with the latest iPhone 6 device soon. They have planned to release it earlear September in this year. Then it will be the most valuable iDevice ever. It will increase the value of it, when it is possible to jailbreak iOS 8. Course, by jailbreaking it comes Cydia automatically into the iDevices. Now, it not a secret that Cydia gives more value for the iDevices. Cydia gives chance to work with App store apps as well as Cydia apps. Cydia never disables Read more [...]

Best Cydia apps for iOS 7.1.2 – Part 02

Here is another most popular Cydia app's list to download and install into the iDevices running iOS 7+. Developers of these apps have tested following all the Cydia apps and recommend you to use these for iOS 7+. After release the iOS 8, they will develop all the Cydia apps with working iOS 8+ too. Use Best Cydia apps for iOS 7.1.2 - Part 01 link to get more Cydia apps. Best Cydia apps for iOS 7.1.2 - Part 02 -(Alphabetically) CamText download CamText app shows the camera view in the Message Read more [...]

Best Cydia apps for iOS 7.1.2 – Part 01

These days very popular iOS versions are iOS 7+ such as iOSs 7.1.2, 7.1.1 and 7.1. Lots of iDevice users try to update their device’s iOS up to iOS 7.1.2 now. They updated it without thinking twice time. Course it is available Cydia for all the iOS 7+ versions now. It supports Pangu 1.2.1 Windows and 1.2 Mac versions as untethered to download and install Cydia for all the iDevices running iOS 7.1.X. iOS 7+ users can work with App store apps as well as Cydia apps in this situation. Because of Read more [...]

Acute download

Acute is another Cydia app for jailbroken iDevices. It brings voice control for you. Actually, it has more features than you expect. Sassoty & Phillip Tennen bring another such nice jailbreak tweak for your iDevice with more features.   How to download Acute? It is not a secret that it needs to download Cydia to install any jailbroken app. It valid for this app too. Then you can search this app under BigBoss repo to download. You can buy this app just for $3.00. It is available Read more [...]

Cydia download for iOS 8.0.1

iOS 8.0.1 is up coming iOS version. Next of the iOS 8, it will arrive iOS 8.0.1. Apple will use this to fix bug as well. We can’t expect new features or new introduce via iOS 8.0.1. Course, Apple has planned to give all the new features via iOS 8. So, without any doubt, we only can expect some bug fixes vaia iOS 8.0.1.   Cydia download for iOS 8.0.1 We can say it is possible or not to jailbreak iOS 8.0.1 for Cydia, after jailbreak iOS 8. Cydia download and install for iOS 8 decides Read more [...]

Cydia download & install for iOS 7.1.5

Actually, we can’t say that Apple will release or not this iOS version. How ever, we can say that, if Apple release iOS 7.1.5 for the public, it will be able to download Cydia with Pangu without any doubt.   iOS 8 releasing scheduled date is ends of the August. Apple already have released iOS 7.1.2 as the latest. And it is available Cydia for iOS 7.1.2 as well with Pangu latest versions. Windows users have 1.2.1 version. Mac users can use 1.2 version as the latest Pangu tool version Read more [...]

Cydia download for iOS 7.1.4

Now, Apple already has released iOS 7.1.2 as higher version. They have scheduled to release another few versions of iOS 7 series before release iOS 8 as major one. Course they need to keep clean iOS 8. Because of that these up coming iOSs releases will use to fix bugs only. We can’t expect new features via these versions.   As the up coming versions, Apple has planned to release iOS 7.1.3, 7.1.4 and iOS 7.1.5. Most probably iOS 7.1.5 will be the final iOS version under the iOS 7 series. Read more [...]