Cydia Download [100% free to Download]

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Cydia is the most popular third party application for Apple devices.  You must download the Cydia to install themes, customization apps, System apps and more awesome apps that you can’t download from App Store.

You can download about 25,000 free applications from Cydia Store.

Cydia installation process may vary according to your iOS device model and iOS version.

As the first step, we recommend installing Cydia demonstration. Then you can upgrade it to full Cydia.
Upgrade process may vary according to your iOS version, Sometime you may want an account to the upgrade process.


Cydia Download



You can also download the Cydia from following Cydia demonstration website.

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This video will show you it.




Best Cydia apps for iOS 7.1.2 – Part 02

Here is another most popular Cydia app's list to download and install into the iDevices running iOS 7+. Developers of these apps have tested following all the Cydia apps and recommend you to use these for iOS 7+. After release the iOS 8, they will develop all the Cydia apps with working iOS 8+ too. Use Best Cydia apps for iOS 7.1.2 - Part 01 link to get more Cydia apps. Best Cydia apps for iOS 7.1.2 - Part 02 -(Alphabetically) CamText download CamText app shows the camera view in the Message Read more [...]

Cydia download for iOS 7.1.3 – Step guide

Apple’s new iOS releases will be iOS 7.1.3. Before release iOS 8, we will be able to get few releases of the iOS versions, under iOS 7 series. Even if we can’t expect even one new feature added via this version, it will have many bug fixes. Apple keeps all the new features releasing via the iOS 8. Course, it will be one of the major releases of jailbreak side. Apple uses not only iOS 7.1.3, but also iOS 7.1.4 and 7.1.5 to fix previous versions bugs. They need to release iOS 8 with good stand Read more [...]

Cydia download for iOS 8.0.1

iOS 8.0.1 is up coming iOS version. Next of the iOS 8, it will arrive iOS 8.0.1. Apple will use this to fix bug as well. We can’t expect new features or new introduce via iOS 8.0.1. Course, Apple has planned to give all the new features via iOS 8. So, without any doubt, we only can expect some bug fixes vaia iOS 8.0.1.   Cydia download for iOS 8.0.1 We can say it is possible or not to jailbreak iOS 8.0.1 for Cydia, after jailbreak iOS 8. Cydia download and install for iOS 8 decides Read more [...]


Cydia is the one and only popular third party application for iDevices only. Even if it is the most popular app, you can get it just for free. It is a 100% free. You can use Cydia for iPhones, iPads, iPod touches as well as Apple TVs. This software has created to be suitable for iDevices only. Saurik is the author and the developer of this.   It has the little bit different method to download and install Cydia. Normally, we want to run exe file to install an application into any devices. Read more [...]

Power Tap download

Power Tap is a Cydia app. It brings more options into the power down bar. It will add three extra options such as reboot, respring and safe mode.   How to download Power Tap? This is a free Cydia app. You can download it just for free from the BigBoss repo. Go and search it under the BigBoss repo to install.   How to configure setting’s of Power Tap? It needs to configure options of this app under the Setting’s tab. Go to Settings --- > Power Tab. There are available Read more [...]

ColorfulVolume download

Are you fed up of normally volume HUD ? Do you need to be it colorful? Then ColorfulVolume is for you. ColorfulVolume is a Cydia app to change the color of the volume HUD as your choice.   How to download ColorfulVolume? You can download this app just for free from the BigBoss repo. Go and search it under the BigBoss repo. Then you can install it.   How to work with ColorfulVolume? After downloading and installing this app, you want to configure settings under the setting’s Read more [...]

Cydia without Cydia installer

Cydia installer is not a jailbreak tool. However, you can use it to make easy to  download Cydia. Course, it is a software. You can use it to find, what is the best tool and the tool guide to the jailbreak iDevice. Every iDevices can’t use same jailbreak tools and the guide. It decides which tool is the best. When anyone uses Cydia installer to find jailbreak tool, they don’t need the knowledge of the jailbreak side. They just want to know, some few details of the iDevice. Those are what is Read more [...]

TapTheAt download

TapTheAt is a jailbroken Cydia app. It can use to make the shortcut for the email addresses.   How to download TapTheAt app? It has free download. Go and search under the BigBoss repo. Then you can download it just for free.   How to work with TapTheAt app? After download and install the app, you have to configure few options of this. Go to the setting’s tab first. Then click the TapTheAt app to configure settings of it.   It has Enabled button to enable or Read more [...]

SwipeExpander download

SwipeExpander brings keyboard shortcuts for the jailbroken iDevice’s iOS. You can insert text and can do more with this Cydia app. Options of SwipeExpander Insert text using key of the keyboard. Swiping up or Swiping down on any key on the keyboard. It can customize almost every keys. It is possible to configure keys to display as lowercase, when you use the lowercase keyboard. This app supports for international keyboards. iPhone and iPad users can download this app. This app is compatible Read more [...]